"Our soul must perform two duties. The one is that we must reverently wonder and be surprised. The other is that we must gently let go and let be." Julian of Norwich

...Cancer teaches both!!!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Waking Up is Hard to Do!

The LARYNGOSPASMS with a little ditty for all you poor suckers waiting for surgery!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Medical Update

I have met a few people over the past week who have been wondering "How I'm doing?"   I guess it is time for a brief "Medical Update".

I continue to receive a "targeted tumor growth inhibitor" ERBITUX.  I have now had 14 treatments of a planned 20.  These take place every 2nd Wednesday.  Side-effects remain limited to a skin rash and mild fatigue.  The good news is that there continues to be "no disease progression".  Believe me when I tell you that this is significantly good news!

I remain on medical leave and will do so through the summer.  I remain hopeful of a return to work in the Fall.

I am well and enjoying each day of this beautiful Vancouver Spring.

HELP ME!  To Uncover the Cure!!

This year Pam and I and "the Girls" are joining with some folks from Pam's office to participate in the 2010 UNDERWEAR AFFAIR!  A major fund-raising event for cancers "below the belt".  Our team is called "The Energy Train"... Toot Toot! You can help me meet my fund-raising goal by visiting my site and donating online.  It is easy.  "Rob's Underwear Site"

You know you have way too much restless time on your hands when you start something like this... 

 A "retrospective" glance at the decade that defied tradition and defined a generation!
60's Retro

TTFN... Rob; in Vancouver

"Medical science has proven time and again that when the resources are provided, 
great progress in the treatment, cure, and prevention of disease can occur."
Michael J. Fox 

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

San Francisco

Pam and I were able to spring some time and make an awesome trip to San Francisco in April.  It is a city we have always wanted to visit and it was in all ways worth the trip.  We initially planned on driving down the Oregon Coast and taking in the Redwoods of Northern California on the way but eventually had to scrap that plan in favour of a round-trip flight.

I prepped for the trip by reading "A Crack in the Edge of the World" by  Simon Winchester.  This is an excellent account of the 1906 earthquake and fire and a good general history of Northern California.  Pam and I also watched "Milk", "Vertigo", "Bullit", and "Yours Mine and Ours"!

A big part of our trip was to visit our friends John and Adrian.  John is a fellow cancer survivor and one of the very few who shares my particular situation of a "sacral tumour".  John and Adrian proved to be excellent guides with the highlight of the trip a day-long excursion to Point Reyes Park on the very west coast!  It was truly a great day!
 John, Pam, and Adrian on the San Andreas Fault

We delighted in exploring the "Beat", "Hippy", and "Gay" cultural history of San Francisico.  I was rewarded in my visit to City Lights Bookstore with a chance meeting with Beat poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti.  Interestingly, I had imagined meeting him before going there and poof... he materialised out of his upstairs office while I was browsing books.  I was a little dumbfounded at first and then followed him downstairs where he signed a book of poetry he had recently editted.  Thomas Merton was a friend of Ferlinghetti's and spent his last night in the US with him before his Asia trip.  But that is another story.

Lawrence Ferlinghetti

We took in a movie in the famed Castro Theatre on Castro Street, tasted wines at Fishermen's Wharf, and shopped for bra's at Victoria's Secret.  We travelled by streetcar, trolley, BART, bus, and MUNI.  Getting around was easy and fun.

I fulfilled the pilgrimage portion of the trip with visits to the National St. Francis Shrine and the original St. Francis Mission.     

We would dearly love to return!

TTFN... Rob; in Vancouver

"Everything the Beats stood for 
was the opposite of the dominant culture today."
Lawrence Ferlinghetti