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Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Wild Hare - 1940

Elmer Fudd and "Bugs Bunny" in the original 1940 cartoon,  For your Saturday morning cartoon!  Bugs introduces the phrase "What's up Doc?" in this clip!  With the awesome voice talents of Mel Blanc.

What's up, Doc?    from wikipedia

"Bugsy's nonchalant carrot-chewing stance, as explained many years later by Chuck Jones, and again by Friz Freleng and Bob Clampett, comes from the movie, "It Happened One Night", from a scene where the Clark Gable character is leaning against a fence eating carrots more quickly than he is swallowing (as Bugs would later often do)... This scene was so famous at the time that most people immediately got the connection."

"The line, "What's up, Doc?", was added by director Tex Avery for this short...  When this short was screened in theaters, the scene of Bugs calmly chewing a carrot, followed by the nonchalant "What's Up, Doc?", went against any 1940s audience's expectation of how a rabbit might react to a hunter and caused complete pandemonium in the audience, bringing down the house in every theater. Because of the overwhelming reaction, Bugs eats a carrot and utters some version of the phrase in almost every one of his cartoons after that, sometimes entirely out of context as compared to this original use"  wikipedia

So... now you know the rest of the story!

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Bugs Bunny

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